Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In the Desert

I recently spent a week visiting Arizona, and I dreamed of staying the entire winter! I grew up in Phoenix, so I try and visit my family each year, during the winter months while it's gray and rainy here in Portland, OR. I was fortunate to have taken a side trip to Tucson, where I spent the good part of an afternoon at the Desert Botanical Garden, a truly lovely place with spectacular cacti in abundance! I noticed that many of them certainly had an other worldly appearance to them! There were some interesting birds there as well, I saw a beautiful red cardinal along with his very lovely mate, though she was less colorful, several quail bobbing about, cactus wren and a few road runners. I highly recommend a visit to the desert, if you've never been. There is a special magic about it, especially after a rainstorm, when afterward there is an intense fragrance of desert chaparral wafting through the air, and what a fabulous fragrance it is! The following pictures were taken during my trip a few of weeks ago, and were shot at the Tucson botanical garden.


My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Cyd~
Gorgeous photos! Your day at the Desert Botanical garden sounds lovely. I haven't spent much time in the desert, but have imagined the sight of many cacti in bloom must be spectacular.

Happy day~

karuski said...

I wish to get a chance to see a desert like one in Arizona. I have been to desert in Tunis (North Africa). I don't remember seeing cacti but a few palm trees and a lot of sand dunes. It was impressive though.

Have a lovely weekend!


laura slocum said...

wow, those are some great cactus photos - you are quite the photographer.... is there anything you don't do????? besides wear a bikini?? ha ha

Anonymous said...


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