Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I think I see Spring time coming..........

I was just outside in my front yard looking at the remainder of yesterdays snow, which was just a light dusting, thankfully. I started taking a closer look at things and then noticed some Spring bulbs poking up through the soil and was suddenly struck with a feeling joy! I am completely in love with Spring time and the hope of renewal and rebirth, and just the sheer awe of watching the natural world come to life again. Though I know it's still a bit early, I am always so glad to see the crocus, daffodils and tulips coming up and that's my sign that old man winter is on his way out, and what a winter we have had here in Portland, Oregon. We received the most snow on record in the last sixty years, which included a snowy stint that lasted for thirteen consecutive days. At one point I became snowbound and could not drive due to living in a very hilly area of town and I just couldn't get in or out of my neighborhood. Of course this happened just before Christmas when I had many orders to ship out, so I was forced to walk 2 miles to the post office, but I digress. On to brighter, warmer days ahead and the days of digging in the dirt again! Come on Spring!!

The first two pics are from the Woodburn, Oregon tulip festival, the last two are from my front yard and were taken this morning.


lolo said...

Hola Botanical!! Beautiful Flowers... Spring is coming soon... :-)

laura slocum said...

Hey, i ike your backgroun d and your page looks great. The photo quality is real nice - good job!!
I can't believe you have flowers started! that's cool

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