Friday, February 13, 2009


It's that time again, and I for one completely adore Valentines day! It's a day when so many of us take the time to think about and acknowledge the ones we love, especially our partners. Though the commercial push can be quite tiresome and lacks imagination, I still have a soft spot for the sweet sentiment of giving your loved one a fancy box of chocolates or enjoying a romantic dinner out. Yesterday I was struck with the spirit of our celebrated Love day, and decided to make some Valentine cupcakes, devils food with cream cheese frosting and pink and red heart sprinkles....what fun!
In honor of Valentines day, I'd like to show off some very cool items from a very cool shop! Which can be found online at etsy.

Here is a shop that I adore Editonbw which offers fabulously unique jewelry, hand knitted brooches and scarves. I really love the style of scarves that this artists creates and have not seen any others like them, take a look at this shop and you will see some really beautiful work!



editionbw said...

Big HEART shout out to the west coast's home of Cyd & botanicalbird! I'm so grateful for your heartfelt generosity. Definitely a Proseco toast will be to you tomorrow. Cheers!

My Mother's Garden said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
The cupcakes sound divine :) I love baking too!

That scarf by Editonbw is really unique and pretty! It would make a great VDay gift.

Happy day to you~

lolo said...

Happy Valentine's Day Cyd!! I love the scarf, really pretty.. :-)) Have a great Day mi querida amiga. :-))))

l'actrice said...

Happy Valentines Day, Cyd!

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